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Three supporters of President Obama at a campaign rally in Orlando, Florida where former President Bill Clinton made a speech. Benny Beckham (left) is a construction worker, Barbara Kendricks (centre) is a retired nurse.  They said: 'Obama'll win because he has a plan that works. Jobs, medicine, housing. He walked into a tornado in 2008. It was a real mess that he walked into. The Republicans paint a bad picture. They try to make it seem like Obama hasn't done anything but he has: housing, jobs, medicine, women's rights. It takes more than four years to fix something that was messed up for eight. The Democrats represent a great diversity of people all coming together.' On foreign policy they stated: 'Obama has a lot of interest in people, in their well-being. He has respect for other countries, other cultures.' They added: 'Every time Obama tries to do something, the Republicans stopped it so that he could be said to be not doing anything. Yes, people lost their jobs, lost their homes, but it will eventually be OK.' The US Presidential election will be held on 6 November, 2012.