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©Crispin Hughes/Panos Pictures..KENYA Turkana   Kakuma refugee camp...Boy with fruit......Kenya, Turkana, Kakuma. refugee camp..Refugees from Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia and elsewhere, and is by some margin the largest town in Turkana District. The camp provides an insatiable market for wood-fuel and sisal roofing mats, giving women like Amekwi Lokana a steady income. But it also creates conflict with Turkana living near the camp, and distorts the local economy. The Turkana are poor, and consider the refugees better off than they are. It is a commonly told story that Turkana children ask: ëHow can I become a refugee?í..There have been rapes and murders, and the reported disappearance of children. Shops and stall-holders in nearby trading centres like Kakuma and Kalobeiyei find it difficult to compete with traders in the camps, who ñ we were told ñ receive UN gives loans to set up their businesses. They pay no tax and receive distributions of free food and other items. Local Turkana go to the camp to buy their food. Kakuma council has complained to the UN, since its tax revenues have been reduced. The council has no jurisdiction to tax businesses within the camp..