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Yazidi refugee women living in refugee camps in the Sinjar mountains attend a protest organised by fighters from the Kurdistan Worker's Party (PKK) on 8 March 2015, International Women's Day. They chant 'Bring back our women' referring to the thousands of Yazidi women who have been abducted by Islamic State (IS) since it attacked Yazidi towns and villages in northern Iraq. The PKK has been protecting and supporting the Yazidi community since late 2014 when it came under attack. <br />
Thousands of Yazidis fled to the mountains when Islamic State (IS) fighters attacked towns and villages around Sinjar in August 2014. Since then Yazidi refugees have been living in precarious conditions with no electricity or running water and children haven't been attending school. Support from the international community has been insufficient and people are dying of hunger and disease. Until December 2014 the mountains were surrounded by IS. Now the southern part of the mountains is still under IS control.