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18 year old Rose Razanajaona struggles with a heavy jerry can on one of her many journeys to collect water. She says: 'There is a difference between girls and boys at my age, men are stronger than me as a girl, but I have to fetch the water. Girls always collect the water...It will always be that way. I wake up at 4am. I collect water six times a day, three times in the morning and three times in the afternoon, it takes two hours. I have to do so, when I have my grandmother waiting for me. So I need to hurry. I really feel pain on my head when I carry the Jerry can. I lift first from the ground, then I put it on my shoulder, and then I put it on my head. I had a surgery for appendicitis and sometimes I still feel pain. You may see my walking strangely, with a limp. I make some stops and I take a half jerry can, so I have to go more often and it takes more time. I go down the slope and I get to the water point. The road is very bad quality. It's steep and it's very slippery when the rain comes. It's very dangerous and I am afraid, because I stumble and I have bruises, I hurt myself. I fall two times a week. Many times I collect water in the dark. I take any water I can find there, as there is no other option. We have to go anyways, we know the road is in such bad condition, and I am afraid sometimes, when I have to go on my own. I am afraid of animals, like snakes.The water is very dirty and has a strange taste, sandy. The muddy water from the top falls into the water source. I have had diahorrea five times in the last two months and it takes me a week to get healed. I have suffered twice from dysentery last year; it takes me four or five days to heal. My tummy hurts and I bleed.'