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A Yazidi family who used to live in Kuzrkant village on the southern foothills of Sinjar mountain and are now living in northern part of the mountain which is controlled by Kurdish forces. Father of the family, Fahad, second from the right, says: 'I used to live in a concrete house and had 80 sheep . I was working at Nineveh province's Al-Baaj council. In spring, we went to Sinjar mountain for picnics and had nice food and fruits. I also enjoyed drinking beers with my friend there. I had several Muslim colleagues. One of my friends was killed by ISIS and another became  an ISIS soldier. They are both my Muslim friends. Since ISIS attacked my village, we have been living in the mountain for two years. We will never leave Sinjar because Sinjar is our land. Sinjar will always be the end of the Yazidi movie.'