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Bob Nawrocki, 62, beside a statue of Dr. Darnes (a slave who became a doctor following his emancipation) at the St Augustine Historical Society in Florida, where he works as a librarian. Talking about the US Presidential election that will be held on 6 November, 2012, he says: It's nice to dress up like the Tea Party but if you actually look at the constitution and the Declaration of Independence, you'll see that these documents define individual rights but they also talk about the responsibility between people to secure society. Historically there was no notion that the individual was good and the government was bad. The reason the constitution was created was because when the federal government had only limited responsibility, it didn't work. Individual states could charge their own tariffs, they each had their own opinions. It just wasn't working. So the constitution was about individual state's rights versus society as a whole. We're going through times of economic struggle, social struggle. In the US, it's about rural versus urban. We have both in Florida.There's a vast divide in the understanding of what's happening in the country. In the rural areas, the Old South, people think about societal values rather than economic ones. The so-called 47% will vote against their own self-interest. A lot of people are resistant to change. Rural people watch TV from the cities. They hear swearing and see more skin showing than you'd ever believe. They feel they are being mocked for their beliefs. I understand it. There's a fear of change. But I happen to believe that change is good. If we don't change, we die. The Republicans think public libr