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'Triumph or die. Never, never retreat.' Graffiti left by paramilitaries on the wall of a room in the Casa Verde in the town of San Blas. The town served as their capital where they held court undisturbed by the Colombian military for a number of years. Peasants would be summoned by or brought to the paramilitary leaders of the BCB (Central Bolívar Block) who were the law, solving disputes and interrogating and judging "suspects". Many brought here were tortured and forcibly disappeared. Abraham Sanchez was the owner of a large house on a small hill that overlooks the town where he had a small open air bar where locals used to drink. When the paramilitaries arrived they took over the property and called it Casa Verde and used it as their barracks and a place to bring detainees. When the paramilitaries came, Abraham and his wife left the town..