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The instability that has been created by conflict in the newly independent South Sudan has impacted particularly on young women, especially those living in camps for IDPs. They risk and fear sexual violence while going about their daily lives, doing such things as collecting wood in the forest.<br />
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Photographer Chris de Bode photographed and spoke to some of these girls at Minkaman refugee camp. They stand against a blanket that is held by people who play a significant role in their daily lives. The blanket symbolises the protection that these girls need. Outside this protected area is unsafe because of the fear of sexual violence and especially the fear of a future without security and peace. However, they are not alone as there are safe shelters where they can go to share their stories and get support and community workers to identify vulnerable families and offer help.<br />
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Ayin, ageed 14: 
'I feel unsafe collecting firewood, because a robber might come and rape me...My mother forces me to do domestic work like cleaning the tent and cooking diner for the family. She punishes me when I go to the church to dance and sing with my friends. Life is bad here. My life has been taken away from me.'