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Kirsty McLennan, 23, NHS pharmacist, from Glasgow.<br />
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'The main advantage is people remember you more in job interviews, I have never been bullied for it but people do shout at you. Some people walk by and just say Ginger!. One time got off bus and wee boys started shouting Irn-Bru is no shampoo.<br />
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'A ginger friend came up to Scotland and was amazed by number of gingers. She was not special anymore. I had no ginger role models, except Disney characters like The Little Mermaid.' <br />
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'People say we are unpredictable but I am not sure its true or if we become like that. One of my friends noticed people are in awe of it.A wee girl at a wedding came up and touched my hair, she said You you have the same hair as me!. I had to spend the rest of the night dancing with her. She appreciated that she was different.'