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Vojin (16) from the north east of Kosovo. 'I've been here since September. My father is a farmer. I guess I did the same as other kids my age: I went to school, played soccer. But my country is poor. Yes, there is work but you don't get paid a lot, while the cost of living is high. Fuel is really expensive and if the summer is really hot, the crops fail. <br />
My mother, father and brother are still there, but I really wanted to come here. I told my father and he didn't agree, but in the end I convinced him. My friends all got why I wanted to leave, I just wanted to give my life a new direction. It was a two day trip from Kosovo, Serbia, Hungary and Slovenia. The whole trip took me about two days and 800 Euros, which my father paid. Crossing the border to Italy took about six hours, I crossed it together with some Arabs. I think they were Syrians. I ended up in Milan by chance, but I like it here. I go to school here in the centre, I'm learning Italian. It also do gym here, and when I'm sad I can talk to people. I sleep in the shelter, we can't go out after seven in the evening. I think there are about ten of us, in that place. Yes, life is difficult here as well. But I'm convinced that if I study hard and work hard, life will be less difficult than it was in Kosovo. Soon I'll be having my exams, and in September I want to try and find a job in a hotel, maybe as a waiter. I'd like to study to be able to work in a hotel, but I'm not sure what I want to be after that. Why a hotel? Cause I like meeting other people.'