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Dozens of burned corpses in a hanger in Tripoli. At least 50 people where found dead in a complex neighbouring the headquarters of the Khamis brigade in Tripoli. According to two survivors, the people who died here were randomly taken of the streets in the last months and inprisoned in a hanger. On Tuesday 23d of August they were handgrenaded, machinegunned and then set on fire. Next to the hanger were preparations going on to dig mass graves, and according to some there might be more mass graves at the complex. After a six month revolution, rebel forces finally managed to break into Tripoli and have taken control of Bab al-Aziziyah, Col Gaddafi's compound and residence. Few remain that are loyal to Gaddafi in the city; it is seeming that the 42 year regime has come to an end. Gaddafi is currently on the run.