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77 year old Carrie Johnson known as 'The voice of Lincolnville', on her tricyle. Talking about the US Presidential election that will be held on 6 November, 2012, she says: 'I like Obama as a person but I don't like his politics. I'm a Republican. I was raised in a household that believed in paying your own way. You should accept help only with the idea of paying it back. I get food stamps. I don't like it. It's a handout. The day when I or my children get a windfall, I'm going to give back every cotton-picking penny. The child thinks, we'll get welfare. It's mindset: 'the government owes me'. The government doesn't owe you a damn thing. All my children believe in working. I won't tolerate no leeches. If you need help, I will help you. But if I find you are using me, I'll kick your butt out. No free rides, you have to sweat. When you do that, you appreciate it. You have dignity and self-respect. I work at St Francis, for the homeless. I've set up the Carrie Johnson Foundation for Homeless Children. You know there are almost 600 homeless school children in St Augustine. We hold fundraisers with the aim of giving USD 20 (GBP 15.00) to each child to encourage them in school. I'm so proud of these kids. They are doing the impossible, to be homeless and yet still go to school. Can you imagine? They are next to my heart. Children are my primary concern. I help them so they can help themselves. People selling drugs, I hate that with a passion. That's the battle that needs to be fought. That's what the government should be fighting. We legalised liquor unfortunately. It's not going to disappear. Man is shrewd and evil.'