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Edmund Wagner (born 1926), a Polish veteran of World War II (WW2).."I couldn't swim and I disappeared struggling under water.  Somehow I managed to come up again and a pair of hands grabbed me and dragged me onto the beach. That's how I landed in Normandy. Then we were sunbathing and smoking cigarettes with the Canadians in an apple orchard near Caen.  A load of planes flew over.  'They're going to Germany', we said to each other.  Then the bombs fell.  We jumped into a hole full of water, on top of each other.  It was all over in a few minutes.  Eight of us were wounded.  Some of the Canadians had been killed, but they wouldn't say how many. We were furious, but London said that it was our own fault.  We had advanced too quickly, and that's why the planes had mistaken us for Germans.  Nobody mentioned it after that.  It was all swept under the carpet."."I couldn't go home again after the war.  That bastard Churchill had sold Poland to the Russians.  The Communists didn't want us because we'd fought with the British.  I was in the Netherlands and I wrote and told my mother that I had met a girl there. 'Just stay there', she wrote back.  In 1959, .I wanted to go and visit my mother in Poland for the first time since the war.  But I didn't have a passport because I was stateless.  I wrote a letter to the Queen and asked her to grant me Dutch citizenship.  I got it, and I didn't even have to pay for it because I was a liberator.  I knocked on my mother's front door on Christmas night.".. CHECK with MRM/FNA