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Mohamed Didi, 42. Polisario Solider, pictured at Dougaj military base, in Polisario controlled Western Sahara (Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic)...I was born in Bir Lahlou in 1966. My family were nomads and we lived taking care of animals. When the war began I was with my family in Oum Dreyga, we took the animals there because there was a lot of grass, then the bombardment began. They used napalm and phosphorus. After that we went to Algeria and started to build the camps, we put up jaimas (tents) and the Polisrio said we would be safe there. ..In 1987 we caught Abu Di Abdelslam, who was the right hand man of King Hassan II. He was badly injured and refused to talk to anyone who was not the same rank. While we were waiting for a general to arrive he died. We buried him but the Moroccans said he was not dead so we took him out of the ground and gave him to the Red Cross to deliver to Morocco. The ceasefire has not brought any solution, it was a trick. We have waited for so many years that we can wait for many more. A new generation will arrive that will find a solution.