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On the steps of the West Virginia State Capitol, Paula Swearengin shaves the head of Tori Wong of Virginia. The shaving of their heads was symbolic of the mountains that have been stripped of all of the living things on them. It was also symbolic of the many people who are sick or dying as the result of Mountaintop Removal. Mountaintop Removal is a method of surface mining that literally removes the tops of mountains to get to the coal seams beneath. It is the most profitable mining technique available because it is performed quickly, cheaply and comes with hefty economic benefits for the mining companies, most of which are located out of state. Many argue that they have brought wage-paying jobs and modern amenities to Appalachia, but others say they have only demolished an estimated 1.4 million acres of forested hills, buried an estimated 2,000 miles of streams, poisoned drinking water, and wiped whole towns from the map. "Watch out, King Coal," Swearengin said, "because here come the Queens of Appalachia."