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© Chris De Bode / Panos Pictures..China, Yichang, Yangtzee, Three Gorges Dam,  01/07/2001...About 30 km upstream from the city of Yichang in the Yangtzee river, the Chinese are building the"Three Gorges Dam". When finished in 2009 it will be the biggest hydroelectric dam in the world. Being 1800 meters wide, 185 mtrs high and creating an artificial lake of about 600 km long it is supposed to be supplying 11% of China's energy needs through 24 turbines. The construction site is currently the biggest in the world. Approx. 20.000 people are working day and night on the project. It will take 26 million tons of concrete to build. Because of the lake 1.3 million residents will have to move. In 2003 the dam will be closed and the waterlevel will rise 135 mtrs. In 2009 the level will be 175 mtrs. and all 24 turbines producing..Man watching the dam from across the river. The gap will be closed in 2003.