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Melissa and Carl Woodroffe out shopping in St Augustine, Florida. Their comments after watching a Tea Party rally: .'I hate them, They're uneducated. It's all just false propaganda, designed to make people irate. We are Democrats and support Obama. The House of Representatives is controlled by the Republicans. Whenever Obama puts a bill forward, they stop it just for the sake of it. The Tea Party just want to make Obama look bad. They say Obama is un-American. They want to see his birth certificate; they say he's a Muslim, that he's a socialist. It's all false. There's some racism. Actually there's a lot of racism. They see a black guy in the White House and they want to make him look bad so that people will say let's not try that again. Where we were four years ago, the way the economy was, there was a lot of work to do. But the whole Republican ideology was to make him a one-term president. .I hope the American public is smart enough to realise that he's trying to do what he can. If not, then the country's going to go back to where it was eight years ago. Florida has a lot of seniors who should be worried about healthcare but they've voted Republican for the last 60 years and they're never going to vote anything else. They only watch Fox News. They base all their news on one channel. I watch MSNBC and CNN and local news and 60 Minutes. They seem very unbiased.'.