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A series of murals painted by the Tribal Women's Artist Collective from Hazaribagh. The collective attempts to keep tribal artistic traditions alive in the face of population displacement from tribal areas due to the spread of mining and the conflict between the India army and Maoist guerillas. Traditionally these painting, known as Sohrai and Khovar, are applied on mud walled village houses during the harvest and wedding seasons (autumn and spring) but as fewer mud houses are being built and the tradition is become rarer, the artist's collective has started painting them in other places such as on this wall along the main North-South highway, bringing the work to the attention of those who would rarely enter tribal areas. The designs and styles are unique to each individual artist and were traditionally passed down from mothers to daughters through the generations. All the paintings however have natural motifs and religious significance reflecting the Adivasi tribe's connection to the natural world and it's significance in their spiritual beliefs..