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After walking three Kilometres Beauty Begum (28) comes to the house of Info Lady Jeyasmin. She had been feeling unwell for several months and was told by a village healer that she was diabetic and that the fees for treatment would be about 1700 Taka (13 GBP). After testing her for diabetes she found that Beauty was no diabetic and recommeded she seek the advice of a proper doctor to see why she was unwell. She charged 50 Taka (.40 GBP) for this service. In rural Bangladesh the Info Ladies are bringing internet services to men and women who need information but don’t have the means to access the web. After three months of training the Info Ladies set out each day in their pink and blue uniforms to cycle to remote villages where they provide Skype connections to villagers who want to communicate with relatives working overseas. They also provide tech services, photographs, health tests, cosmetics and other small items that can be easily carried.