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Bhangra dancer Hardeep Sahota and photographer Tim Smith have collaborated with dancers from different disciplines to create a series of images that they describe as ''giving vibrant sculptural form to the fleeting nature of dance''. Lights held and worn by the performers enable their flowing movements to be translated into bright, calligraphic strokes. The atmospheric images were taken in the evening at several locations in Yorkshire, including Yorkshire Sculpture Park where the exhibition, Bhangra Lexicon, is being shown from 9 January 2021. It can also be seen on-line. <br />
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Many images feature Sahota performing Bhangra, such as the movement seen here known as Luddhi. This energetic form of dance and music originated in the Punjab (Panjab), and was first performed by farming communities celebrating the spring harvest festival of Vaisakhi. Its driving force is the 'Dhol', a large double-sided, barrel-shaped drum.