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Myrna Rayner, born in Chile but living in the U.S. for many years and her British husband Terrance Rayner in Lake Worth, Florida. She worked as cook for a wealthy family in Palm Beach and Terrence worked as a butler. They are now retired. Talking about the upcoming presidential election Myrna says: 'I started as a Republican in Texas. My first husband was an oil man and knew the Bush brothers. Terry can't vote himself but he wants me to got for Obama'. Terry says: 'Yes, but she doesn't listen to me.' Myrna: 'Now I'm an independent, I don't let anyone tell me what to do. I'll wait to the last minute to decide. But we don't like how everyone criticizes each other. They should talk about what they will fix but they only say bad things about each other. Terry: 'The economy is bad everywhere, from England to Chile, so how can you increase exports if no one else has money?'