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A 15 year old Yazidi girl who was captured by Islamic State (IS) when they invaded the Yazidi region of northern Iraq in late 2014. 'In the middle of the night of August 3rd last year, I was dreaming. In my dream, my father was fighting. When I suddenly woke up at 3 am, I heard the sound of a gun. Then I started running away towards the mountain with my family. Next day, when we were walking to the Syrian border, IS captured us and I was separated from my family. I was taken to Mosul and got married to an IS fighter. The next day,  I and another Yazidi girl who was also married to the same IS fighter ran away from the house. One hour later, we saw a man and asked him to help us. He was such a nice man and took us to his home and gave us cakes and some water and even gave clothes and 15,000 dinars. He said - You should take a taxi and run away. If IS fighters find you, just tell them that your house was destroyed by a US bomb and that you want to go somewhere.'<br />
At a check point, IS found them and asked them some question. Since the other girl couldn't speak Arabic, both of them got captured and were send back to IS.  2 days later, they were taken to a house of two IS fighters and were put in a basement. They tied up their hands and beat them. After that, they couldn't eat and drink anything for two weeks and both of them almost died. During the two weeks, she was only thinking of how to kill these two IS fighters. After several weeks, she was sold to another man and was raped. One day, she found a mobile phone in the house where she was captured. She secretly called her family and told them her situation. In January 2015, she finally escaped form the window of the house and was rescued by a taxi driver who was sent by a Yazidi lawyer to rescue her. 'I am only hoping that I will get out of Iraq' she says. Three of her sisters and her brothers are still in IS captivity.