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Toufa Dad Bhaia, 42, pictured in El Aaiun refugee camp, Algeria: 'I was born in El Aaiun in the occupied territory in 1967. I don't remember anything about there. My family moved to the camps in 1975. I can't remember a lot but we came here in cars, I remember some air raids and being separated from my family and then meeting them safely under some trees. After one year in the camps I went to study in Algeria. I stayed there for ten years. Most of the time we didn't hear any news about what was happening unless there was something on the radio about a battle somewhere. When we returned in the summer it was great, we had many things to do, even training with weapons. We didn't know when the war would stop so we were ready to fight. When I returned I got married straight away the same summer. He came to my family and asked to marry me and I accepted. Some people spend time together before marrying and others just come and ask and they accept based on his behaviour or if he has a good family. He was a soldier and still is today, now he is working in the liberated territory. I liked the ceasefire because I didn't want more people to die. Now I think if we hadn't stopped we could have our independence. The UN would be good if they could find a solution. We never thought we would reach this level, we even have sons and daughters and some of us became grandmothers. I don't know what is going to happen in the future but I hope for independence so that I can return to my land and that my children can see their land. If we don't go back to war we will never get independence.'