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In the words of nightwatchman Lumbala: 'Let's say I'm 30 years old, or maybe 40. You don't believe me? Well, I've worked for Madame for the past 30 years, first at Tabazaire's place, and now just for her. Her husband was director of the tobacco factory, but he died, choked on his food. I think he was poisoned. What you're looking at there are the beans I've grilled, I'll eat them shortly. Then I hang our mat in the sun and then go to sleep. I never sleep deeply, a nightwatchman never sleeps deeply. Why should I be afraid of burglars? I've got two dogs. My radio is tuned to Digital Mission radio. The Lord is never far away. I have everything I need. Two Belgian army caps. I've also got two wives, one is 17, the other 19. You still don't believe me?'.