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A man looks in the mirror during the fiesta of Caporales in Salasaca. The indigenous fiesta of Caporales contains a mixture of many different customs including some that express feelings related to the Spanish conquest of the precolombian groups of Ecuador. On the last two days of the fiesta teenagers and men paint their faces black to represent the slaves that were brought over by the Spanish.  They carry swords and make sexual gestures. They mistreat women, reenacting how their women were mistreated at the time of the conquest. This mistreatment can become quite brutal. They aggressively kiss women touching them in private areas. Although some women laugh at this behaviour others are driven to tears. It is said that the men sometimes take the underwear off the women and throw it up in trees. It has also been said that the men take the pubic hair from women and put it in a traditional precolombian corn drink, called chicha.