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A portrait of a 19 year old Yazidi women who was captured by Islamic State (IS) on 3 August 2014. <br />
She was taken to a school in Tal Afar with female captives and spent 10 days there. There was nothing to eat and one day a doctor came and took some of the women to a clinic where he checked whether they are still virgins. After three months she was taken to Raqqa, the self proclaimed capital of the Islamic State where was was registered. She stayed in a building there for 13 days without food and drink. Then she was told to cover herself in black and marry one of the IS fighters. One day when her new husband was out of the house she found the key, went to a local pharmacy, borrowed a phone and called her cousin to ask him to come and rescue her. He came a few days later and took her from Raqqa to Turkey. At the time she was rescued her husband was fighting in Kobane in Syria. Her parents and four of her brothers are stll missing or in IS captivity.