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© Jan Banning / Panos Pictures..Between 1961 and 1971, US troops sprayed 72 million litres of herbicides over ± 10% of the surface of South Vietnam - 51 million of this was Agent Orange, containing a total of 170 kilos of 2,3,7,8-T4CDD (dioxin)..Laboratory tests led to the conclusion that dioxin can lead to birth defects and genetic damage in animals. Vietnamese and other researchers found higher rates of congenitally malformed babies among people who have been sprayed with this defoliant..Cam Lo district (Quang Tri province) just south of the former North-South border is one of the heavily sprayed areas. .Children from L to R: Tran Van Lam (boy,12), Tran Thi Luy (girl,15), Tran Van Hoang (boy,17) and Tran Van Thuan (boy,22),  are all possible victims. Tran Thi Gai (mother, 50, see photo): "all of the children are foolish. They can't speak and can't walk - only Lam a little bit. They can understand what people say, can crawl, can see but not clearly. They can eat by themselves"..The parents are farmers, live in Can Tuyen commune (Cam Lo).