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Change Maker and seamstress, Beauty Ara makes a presentation using posters that depict domestic violence to the committee on domestic violence in the village of Dinajpur. When Beauty was married her husband tortured her, he then divorced her and she lost the custody of her children. She did not give up, rather, having taken a loan, she purchased a sewing machine with which she now earns enough to stand on her own feet. However, she has not forgotten the misery of her troubled marriage. Now she goes from house to house, and wherever she finds married couples having marital problems, she assists them in understanding and solving their difficulties and in doing so advocates strongly for women's rights. .'We Can (end all violence against women)' is a grassroots campaign of ordinary men and women across South Asia who are seeking to find solutions to violence in their homes and lives, and find ways to reject it. Central to the campaign are the Change Makers, people actively committing to not perpetuating or supporting violence and influencing others to take a similar path. .