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A man looks up from within the hold of a wrecked ship that he and his colleagues are attempting to dismantle. In 2011 Indian scrap merchants signed a deal with the government of Madagascar that gave them rights over the salvage of the many wrecks off Port Dauphin, on the island's southernmost tip. Labourers for this heavy work were easily found among the unemployed fishermen of the region. Armed with metal cutters, hammers and chisels they cut the rusting hulks into movable pieces that are shipped in containers to ironworks in India. The men earn GBP 1.00 per day for this backbreaking work. The boats are dismantled up to the waterline leaving a piece of the wreckage remains on the seabed. Groups of fishermen still try to recover the remaining metal, they dive with snorkels and hacksaws to the wreckage as they can earn GBP 75.00 per ton of metal they drag to the warehouse.