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Kimberly Yorleni (23), a Honduran from Tegucigalpa made the following phone call to her sister and her mother in Honduras 30 November 2018. <br />
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''Hello? What's up, mother? Here listening to you. Yesterday I called you and you didn't answer. Yes, mother, and you didn't answer. Yes, mother. Everything's fine. Here, in the shelter.
We leave on Wednesday, to the other side. Yes. How did it go? Fifteen days until they arrive? Don't despair, old lady. Yes I'm fine, don't despair. Little by little. Fighting but… little by little. No mommy, I'm moving forward. We are going with the 'Gringo', the 'Gringo' is going to take us. We leave on Wednesday. We're alone in here. We're alone, I tell you. We're with the caravan. And the kids? What are they doing? Those cute boys. Ah! You have it? What number? What number do you use for WhatsApp? Give it to me... <br />
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Hey what's up? Everything cool. And the kids? Nothing in here. We leave on Wednesday to see what's up. Mireya? Iris? Why don't they answer? No, I'm fine don't worry. No, I'm leaving, nobody can stop me. Yes, take care of my kids. Enroll Astrid. Enroll Astrid. What’s up love? Pass me to mommy because I don't have a lot of credit.''