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Siyakudumisa Vapi, a licensed boxer hoping to make it as a professional, makes his way past a low overhang in the basement of the Hillbrow Boxing Club. He shares the basement with a number of young boxing hopefuls and down-on-their-luck former professionals, living in a curtained-off spaces. Between jobs, Vapi divides his time between seeking employment as a carpenter, and training for a fight against the third-ranked fighter in the national featherweight division; if he wins it wil bring him closer to his objective of challenging for the national title, and being able to make a decent living from boxing. Vapi believes boxing pulled him away from the streets and bad company, and gave him discipline. George Khosi, who founded the club after gunshot injuries put an end to his own boxing career, aimed to to instil discipline, and camaraderie and an activity away from the streets for young people from the community, and also to provide a training space for upcoming professional boxers. The club operates in a donated space on the forecourt of a disused petrol station in Hillbrow, one of the country's most notorious neighbourhoods.