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Aiman, 13 years, work recycling garbage in his father store. He work from 8am to 18pm for 50 pounds/day (10 U$). He hardly know to read or write. he is one of 17.000 zabbaleen who works at the hundreds of recycling stores.This is Mokkatam the christian coptic  quarter in Cairo where live 40.000  Zabbaleen (garbage collectors). Many of them  continue having  animals in their  houses. the goverment ban  pigs ,one of the main incomes of Zabbaleen..In Mokattam most of people houses collect Cairo's trash. This district is named Zabaleen (Garbage collectors in Arabic), so literally, this is Garbage city. There are over forty thousand people living there. They include more than 17,000 garbage collectors or zabbaleen, who live in dusty squatter settlements of teeming, narrow dirt lanes. There they sort and recycle the garbage produced by Cairo's burgeoning population. .