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Mastia (born 1927) was one of tens of thousands of 'comfort women' forced into prostitution by the Japanese military during World War II..Mastia was taken from home by soldiers along with 15 other girls and transported to barracks in Cimahi. While the others were forced into prostitution, a Japanese captain picked her from the group and commandeered her as his private comfort woman. For half a year, she lived as a forced concubine in his quarters, an Indonesian military aid standing guard at her door. When the captain was reassigned, she had to accompany him. This way she stayed in several barracks until the end of the war. After returning home, she went through a religious cleansing ceremony to wash away the 'sin'. "People nevertheless continued to call me a 'Japanese hand-me-down'. That made me very sad. I still think about it often." She has been married four times. "I was very much in love, but after a few years the marriages often failed because we didn't like each other all that much anymore. With the last man I was married 25 years, but he took on another woman because I couldn't have any children." Since her husband's death she lives by herself and still works in the rice fields..