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Imam Moussa Bawa, 72, and Sister Maria Concetta, 80, sit conversing on the banks of the Oubangi River. Across the river the lights of Bangui, the capital of the Central African Republic, can be seen. The Imam and the nun have known one another for many years. The sister, an experienced midwife, assisted during the birth of all eight of the imam's children. Conflict in CAR has caused more than a million people to flee their homes, one-quarter of them crossing an international border in their search for safety. Inter-communal violence between Christians and Muslims in CAR has further complicated the situation, for both those still inside the country, and for refugees abroad.<br />
The two religious leaders attempt to heal the wounds that have divided the Christian and Muslim communities in CAR. 'People come every day to my place to ask me for advice. I tell them that they have to forget the past. If someone harmed, you should not harm him, you should forgive,' says the imam.