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Arthur Stevens  (born 1922), a British veteran of World War II (WW2). ."There were celebrations in all the towns we liberated.  In Utrecht there were pretty girls with flowers and wreathes, and they climbed all over our vehicles!  It was a marvellous sight!  But we only stopped for two hours.  That was the trouble!  I was billeted with a Dutch family in Nijmegen. They had two daughters.  One died recently, but the other one still visits me in England."."Once the war was over, we went to Germany as an occupation force. But the girls there... The thing about a German girl was that if she went with one of our chaps, she wouldn't go with another.  I had expected the Germans to be unfriendly, but they weren't.  They were really nice! That was the biggest surprise of the war for me. The war was over and done with and they just wanted to get on with their lives.".... CHECK with MRM/FNA