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Bullets for a gun in the hand of Filipp Razinskiy, 16, a member of 'Occupy Pedophilia', a militantly homophobic group that specialises in hunting and filming violent attacks on suspected gays and pedophiles (the group believes that gays and pedophiles are almost equally immoral and that most gays are pedophiles and vice-verse). On the popular online TV-show 'Occupy Pedophilia' victims are tricked into false dates. But instead of a romantic encounter, this band of armed ultra-nationalists are lying in wait. Once caught and confronted the victim is sexually humiliated and tortured, while everything is filmed, posted publicly and shared online. According to the group more than 70 videos have been made so far - with more to come. /Felix Features (MANDATORY CREDIT   photo: Mads Nissen/Panos Pictures /Felix Features)