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Farhia Mohamad Geedi constructs her family dwelling, as nine families of nomadic herders resettle in the Garadag district after a 60km journey on a truck with their animals.<br />
The women can dismantle their huts quickly and rebuild them in different locations. This is what they have done for centuries, following the movements of their animals and the alternating seasons. However, over the last six months drought has forced these nine pastoralist families to do move six times, looking for drinkable water for themselves and their animals.<br />
Farhia says: 'Our animals started dying in October and November. The last animals we had died in February. So now we help our relatives look after theirs. Together, we all decided to move here, there are some pastures nearby and it could be better for our livestock.'<br />
The Horn of Africa is experiencing a devastating drought with over 11m people threatened by famine.