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Nimo Mohamed, 40, carrying a child. Nimo  has been suffering from diarrhoea for a few weeks even though she has medicine to treat it. Her husband is sick and in hospital and her daughter-in-law is also in hospital, looking after one of her children. This morning Nimo walked to the airport, hoping that there would be either water or a food distribution, but there wasn't anyone there. <br />
'We moved here four months ago. I used to live in a small village about 40 km north east of Burao. We used to have 170 animals. Then the animals started dying, they dropped like flies, one after the other. We thought that in the airport we would find fodder for the few animals we had left', said Nimo. <br />
She added: 'We only have 14 sheep and 15 goats now. They are very skinny and weak. <br />
'If the rains don’t come we'll die very soon. We don't have any food. We are not registered for any distribution, so the only food we get is from the neighbours. An NGO trucks water to a building close to the airport entrance and its owner shares it with families around here. We all share what we have, it is the only way we can survive.' <br />
The Horn of Africa is experiencing a devastating drought with over 11m people threatened by famine.