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Refugees have been registred by UNHCR aid workers and prepare themselves to be moved away from an assembly point close to the Sudanese border. Emotional scenes take place as refugees are temporarily split up to be transported to the UNHCR camp at Farchana, further inland. Weak and elderly people are going by bus, the others loaded on trucks..At the point when it appeared the 20 year civil war in Sudan was nearing a conclusion a new conflict has broken out in the province of Darfur. The conflict is between black Africans, who claim the government has been oppressing them, and the local Arab population. Two rebel movements, the SLA and the JEM, have been attacking government targets. In response to this the government mobilised an Arab militia - the Janjaweed - to fight the rebels.  The militias have been accused of numerous human rights abuses and hundreds of thousands have fled their homes with at least 100,000 seeking refuge in Chad.