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A portrait of a four year old girl who was captured by Islamic State (IS) with her parents on 3 August 2014 when IS invaded the town of Sinjar. They were taken to Syria and then back to Iraq and spent 3 months in captivity. When they were living in Kocho village one of the IS fighters told her father that his son wants to marry her. Her father decided to escape and on 22 December while people were being loaded into cars for a transport the girl and her parents escaped. Soon after the girl became ill and her father had to flag down a car, though this was risky, and ask the driver to take them. The driver recognised them and took them to his home and gave them food. Then they were taken to near Sinjar mountain. They climbed the mountain and were met by Kurdish Peshmerga fighters. The girl still says 'The IS fighter is coming to take me away' sometimes and she hides when there are cars coming to the camp where the family is now living.