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Jessica, a former Peace Corps volunteer in Azerbaijan, debates with a Tea Party member holding an Obama is 666 sign in St Augustine, Florida. 'I lived in Azerbaijan which was part of the former Soviet Union, so I.understand what communism really is. They (the Tea Party) are just ignorant, and doing an injustice. They say that communism equals socialized healthcare, but in that case all of Europe is communist because it has socialized healthcare, and it's a more advanced health system than ours. Communism means much more than that. The children don't have any creativity because they just have to memorise things from books. There's absolutely no freedom of speech; you're put in jail if you post a comment on Facebook. I saw this during my time in the Peace Corps. They would say of course that the government shouldn't support the peace corps. They'll say that the peace corp is Obama's SS. I didn't support Obama last time, but I don't believe in the Tea.Party's craziness? [Direct engagement starts with the Tea Party]: TP: 'If we want to burn the Koran, that's OK..That's freedom'. Jessica: 'If you make a video that's insulting Islam, you're hurting Americans overseas. You believe in freedom of religion as long as it's the same religion as yourselves. Do you want to take us back to the time of the Founding Fathers? That's what the Islamists do. You call Islam the anti-Christ'. TP: 'The founding fathers were spiritual and patriotic people'. This local chapter of the Tea Party has fallen out with the Republicans who want to tone down their rhetoric. The Tea Party members have refused to be co-opted and brought into the Republican fold although t