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The words of 75 year old Camile: 'Simon and Antoinette have been here since the zoo opened in 1938. Crocodiles can live until they're 100 years old.  As long as there are visitors, I'll put on a show. Look closely, first of all I tap them on the head. Then I tap harder. Then on the front leg, like this, then on the back leg. And lastly, on the tail. You have to watch out for where the tail is. I've been doing this since 1968, every day except Fridays. There was a guy who stood in for me, Mafu. But he wasn't careful. One Friday in 1985, Antoinette bit off his arm, and two months later, he died. Why do I keep my clothes horse in the cage? It's the only place that the thieves won't dare go!'..