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61 year old Colette Botchomoli, matron of Elila health centre, holds in her arms 25 year old Sabina Mweli who is suffering after having a miscarriage. Collette used to have an assistant but now she works alone in the maternity ward, which is supported by DFID and Merlin NGO. Colette says: 'I have been doing this job for 32 years but would like to improve my skills and knowledge for the benefit of the women in my area. I would like to have an improved salary but most of all I would like the health centre to be properly equipped. I would like to have a well here and to either have the maternity to be rehabilitated or to have a new one built; at the moment the floor of the maternity is not covered so when a delivery happens I have to removed the blood stained soil and put down clean soil.'