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Dollo Ado, Ethiopia.October2011..A mother and her small daughter, who is sick with a chest illness are waiting for medical treatment outside the clinic in "Hilaweyn" refugeecamp. daily houndred of women go to the clinic with their sick children....” The drought in the horn of Africa is affecting more than 4.5 million people in Ethiopia. In addition, more than 140.000 refugees from Somalia have settled in camps in the border region between Somalia and Ethiopia. In the area around the border city Dollo Ado, four large refugee camps are already over crowded. A fifth camp is under construction due to the big influx still taking place. Many of the refugees are children, arriving severely malnutritioned. The mortality rate among small children has been brought down, but still children are dying on a daily basis....The four camps –Hilaweyn,Kobe, Malkadida and Bokomayo are now hosting more than 120.000 refugees and more are coming daily.... .