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Since the start of Boko Haram's insurgency thousands of boys and girls have gone missing across north eastern Nigeria. The Islamist group use the kidnap of children as a strategy in their asymmetric war. Girls, as young as eight, are taken to be married off to fighters or deployed as sex slaves and, increasingly, used to commit suicide attacks. <br />
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Naomi (4): ‘I remember where we used to live. That was very scary. They had guns and shot at people. I saw it. They didn’t do anything to me, but they hurt many others. I pretended to play hide and seek. I hid in really dark places because I didn't want them to find me. I ran away with my mum and dad. I walked the entire time, so my feet hurt. I tried to think of fun stuff, like my favourite colour red, the soup I really like or my dream to become a cook. I love food!’