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Thembi with her daughter in their home in New Crossroads, a poor suburb of Cape Town. Thembi contracted HIV from an ex-boyfriend when she was 16, he then died from the virus. Before she was tested she passed the virus on to her current boyfriend, who at the time was angry at the situation. Although his family have found it difficult to accept Thembi, Thembi and her boyfriend have remained together and now have a 16 month old daughter, who is HIV- because Thembi participated in a MPTCM programme and took ARV (antiretroviral) medication before the baby was born. Thembi does not live with her boyfriend but her 86 year old grandfather, who does not know about her status. She decided to tell her story and wants to talk to younger girls to persuade them not to make the same mistakes, and she takes active part in a support group for people living with HIV and AIDS, and works in schools and at community level as a Peer Educator.