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Left: 2005, Saulos Fanuel (25), with daughter Ketilina (two) and son Lefiyamu (one), sitting on a bag of fertilizer. Saulos is the son of the village headman. Few people in the village eat meat as often as he does. Though he doesn't even have cattle or chickens. He prefers wild cat meat which he says is much better than chicken, goat or veal. He catches about five in a year. He wants to use their skins as decoration. <br />
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Right: 2015, Saulos Fanuel (35), with three of their four children (L to R): Jolam (five) and daughters Dorin (less than one year) and Ketilina (11). <br />
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 The village of Dickson contains 55 households and some 300 inhabitants. In 2005 photographer Jan Banning and writer Dick Wittenburg spent two extended stays in the village interviewing its people<br />
and photographing them in their homes as part of a project on poverty.  They returned to Dickson in 2015 to see how the villagers had fared in the intervening years which had seen the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals.