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A 19 year old Yazidi woman who was captured by Islamic State (IS). She and other villages were sent to a school where their mobile phones and jewellery were taken from them. After that IS fighters took her and around 150 girls to Mosul on buses. On the bus an IS fighter was touching girls' breast. 'I started screaming but one of the IS fighters pointed his gun at me and said I will kill you if you do anything more. When we arrived in Mosul he started touching us again. [In Mosul] there were around 70 Yazidis already, some of them children. One Yazidi woman told me that many of the girls were being raped and sold. I was going crazy. Then I was taken by a skinny fighter and that night he told me to get naked and started touching my breasts. He put his finger and toe into my mouth all night. After that he showed me a message from the IS leader al Baghdadi which said: Each one of you have to marry or rape 12 Yazidi women.'<br />
The fighter raped me three times a day for three days and then gave me to his guards and they raped me too. I was also raped by several other IS fighters in different villages and at checkpoints. One day when an IS driver left me in an empty house I escaped. Two hours later I found a house with some people and I asked them to rescue me. Luckily the people in the house were friends of the mayor of Sinjar [the main Yazidi city] and they were very nice people. I stayed there for seven days and they brought me clothes and food.' She was picked up by the mayor himself later and was brought back to her home. 38 of her family members, including her mother, are still in IS captivity.