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Award ceremony for the giving of an Honorary Doctorate in Science at Charles University offered by the Academy of the Sciences and the Academic Senate. Jan Hus received his Bachelor of Arts degree in 1393 and his Masters in 1396 from this university. In 1400 he was ordained as a pries and served as rector of the university from 1402 until 1403. <br />
Jan Hus (or John Huss, 1369 - 1415) was a Czech priest, philosopher and one of the first church reformers. Hus attacked moral failings among the clergy and promoted some of the teachings of John Wycliffe (1331 - 1384), an English reformere who had been burned at the stake in 1384. Hus was excommunicated for his views in 1410 and burned at the stake as a heretic in Konstanz on 6 July 1415.