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©Crispin Hughes/Panos Pictures..KENYA Turkana  Nr Oropoi, Kakuma district...Portrait of Amekwi, a Turkana woman.   She heads  two households, one in the bush and one in town.  Amekwi's life illustrates the inter-dependence of herders and town dwellers. Amekwi is both, commuting regularly from the mobile adakar (camp) to her home in Kalobeiyei trading centre. The distance of the journey caries depending upon the seasonal location of the adakar: during our visit it was about 55 km. Turkana men control the cash from the sale of livestock, but are notoriously reluctant to sell them until hunger threatens to remove members of the family. But it is women who have control over the cash they earn. This gives Amekwi a remarkable independence in her life..